1932466_10203563607954443_73448123_nWelcome Bitches…..to my beautiful blog about London’s most exciting boutiques, a place for me to obsess and explore, locate and rate the baddest raddest shops in London, from the most exclusive and expensive labels in Mayfair to the crazy and wonderful back street gems, I’ll be exploring them all….


I’m from Devon, so growing up my most thrilling place to shop was New Look and Primark, the only time I had any fun was on a sunday, when my parents took me to a car boot sale and I got to hunt though piles of smelly second hand clothes trying to create something different to show off to my friends. Ever since moving to London I’ve become a bit obsessed with all the independent boutiques that are on offer, even if I’m not purchasing anything (my student loan wont stretch that far) I find them an easy assessable source of creativity and inspiration, I like to soak up the atmosphere and be surprised and inspired by the clothes and spaces they hold, Museums and Art Galleries are great but isn’t shopping much more fun?

The boutiques in London are probably the best in the country, and I want to find the ones that exist in another realm completely, not caring about the fashion world and its archaic system of rules and trends, but creating stuff that’s to their own ideal of what people would like to wear and how the world should look. While it’s become increasingly difficult to be an individual, places like this offer an alternative from the mass blur of fast fashion and cheap sell by date trends that are dominating the high street. What better way to find inspiration than entering someone else’s world, where their personality, creativity and soul is displayed on the shelves for you to touch and have forever.

I’m in my second year studying Media and Cultural Studies at London College of Communication, I am currently searching for an internship, I make great tea and cupcakes, I’m super speedy like Usain Blot, and will do the school run if required. If you need an intern then please email me!


I’ll be adventuring around London and posting about all the places I visit, please visit my Tumblr for more pics about the places and if you’re a Boutique/designer/creator and want me to promote you on BBB then just send me a email or leave a comment. xoxoxox


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