I really like her new hair, the colour of the suit, and the matching trainers. I love the trainer trend cause I’m tall and can never wear heels 😦




Since It’s pancake day ! I am going to give you not one but three recipes. This amazing dish can be eaten as a wholesome breakfast or a mid-night dessert and they are absolutely delicious. So here are my favourite pancake recipes for you all today. Celebrate this day by eating as many pancakes as you can and have a blast !


SERVES-8 People
* 1½ Cups of flour
* 3½ Teaspoons of baking powder
* 1 teaspoon salt
* 1 tablespoon sugar
* 1¼ Cups of whole milk
* 1 egg
* 3 tablespoons of melted butter

– In a large bowl take the dry ingredients 1½ cups of flour, 3½ teaspoons of baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt and 1 tablespoon of sugar.
* TIP * Make sure the dry indgredients are passed through a sieve to prevent any lumps.

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ASOS Market place has become one of the go to places for vintage, second hand and individual one of a kind hand made designs. Anyone and everyone can log on and have their very own boutique in seconds, its a fantastic way to make money, be creative, become more interested in fashion, style and business, you could be buying off the next Henry Holland or Vivienne Westwood,  or a 13 year old girl selling her sisters cast offs, you don’t know! It gives young people, old people, anyone with a mind for business and eye for current trends a platform to excel. 

A little history…only a little…..ASOS is the largest online fashion and beauty retailer selling over 65,000 branded and own label products catering to fashion forward twenty somethings. They also ship for free to over 200 countries from their 1.1 million square foot global distribution centre in the UK. Their website gets 29.5 million visitors a month! Wish my blog would get that much.

James Hart is the guy who started the Market place in 2003, and since then its become a huge profit making machine. 

Here are some notable boutiques on the market place that you should visit: 


b3535595-f064-48b3-9e98-55679730f3a7_large 001e7950-c95d-4301-b4bc-3504ba13869e_ThreeAcross 4f86c9f0-7bbe-4cc8-809d-0205869c7113_ThreeAcross 0f662cc2-42b5-431a-b3a2-162fa37dfab2_ThreeAcross 1e1667b0-b599-498e-90ef-6e8749671117_medium 4879ce26-ff7d-4857-95fd-fd1108f418f3_ThreeAcross 70f16609-da89-4b91-8b51-848e8d520d72_ThreeAcrossThey say “We are HOUSE OF JAM. We sell original handcrafted designs, alongside an unrivalled handpicked vintage collection We like Versace, Rihanna and Yorkshire tea. We are for divas on a budget…x”

The prices are great, very reasonable, the styles are all unique and would be perfect for a staple going out dress. 

NEVER FULLY DRESSED without a smile 🙂 

They say “Coming from market trading parents, and grandparents from the East End textile trade, it was natural for NFD to start at Portobello and Spitalfields back in 2010. We have fun, with a wish to dress, de-stress and impress, with a longing to inspire and appreciate each individual and each girl’s individuality. All clothing made ethically. Our main driving force is using what we do and know, to help others. We are constantly running different projects which enable us to do this, so get in touch!”

I’m saying that these girls know what girls want now, quality products, low price and super chic designs. My favourite is the blue midi feather waistcoat, would be a crazy statement piece for a night out. 


91322f62-71b1-4314-be3b-44942842a377_ThreeAcross 9d50edd5-5a19-4ece-a6c5-3019369cfc07_ThreeAcross ad3e2b3d-751e-4ea4-a466-92b00ae1e993_ThreeAcross 0241e603-56fc-4301-9a4d-bc479d9bca3e_ThreeAcross 99ec2a44-2eba-41b6-bd8f-a0ae41a77d23_ThreeAcross 0818531f-259d-4cee-8855-07abb6b2b303_ThreeAcross 6790bb48-ca1b-4feb-8a55-25bc74b5f4e4_ThreeAcross