ASOS Market place has become one of the go to places for vintage, second hand and individual one of a kind hand made designs. Anyone and everyone can log on and have their very own boutique in seconds, its a fantastic way to make money, be creative, become more interested in fashion, style and business, you could be buying off the next Henry Holland or Vivienne Westwood,  or a 13 year old girl selling her sisters cast offs, you don’t know! It gives young people, old people, anyone with a mind for business and eye for current trends a platform to excel. 

A little history…only a little…..ASOS is the largest online fashion and beauty retailer selling over 65,000 branded and own label products catering to fashion forward twenty somethings. They also ship for free to over 200 countries from their 1.1 million square foot global distribution centre in the UK. Their website gets 29.5 million visitors a month! Wish my blog would get that much.

James Hart is the guy who started the Market place in 2003, and since then its become a huge profit making machine. 

Here are some notable boutiques on the market place that you should visit: 


b3535595-f064-48b3-9e98-55679730f3a7_large 001e7950-c95d-4301-b4bc-3504ba13869e_ThreeAcross 4f86c9f0-7bbe-4cc8-809d-0205869c7113_ThreeAcross 0f662cc2-42b5-431a-b3a2-162fa37dfab2_ThreeAcross 1e1667b0-b599-498e-90ef-6e8749671117_medium 4879ce26-ff7d-4857-95fd-fd1108f418f3_ThreeAcross 70f16609-da89-4b91-8b51-848e8d520d72_ThreeAcrossThey say “We are HOUSE OF JAM. We sell original handcrafted designs, alongside an unrivalled handpicked vintage collection We like Versace, Rihanna and Yorkshire tea. We are for divas on a budget…x”

The prices are great, very reasonable, the styles are all unique and would be perfect for a staple going out dress. 

NEVER FULLY DRESSED without a smile 🙂 

They say “Coming from market trading parents, and grandparents from the East End textile trade, it was natural for NFD to start at Portobello and Spitalfields back in 2010. We have fun, with a wish to dress, de-stress and impress, with a longing to inspire and appreciate each individual and each girl’s individuality. All clothing made ethically. Our main driving force is using what we do and know, to help others. We are constantly running different projects which enable us to do this, so get in touch!”

I’m saying that these girls know what girls want now, quality products, low price and super chic designs. My favourite is the blue midi feather waistcoat, would be a crazy statement piece for a night out. 


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I loved everything in the whole shop, especially this green tiger print jumper, but it was too expensive for me, so unfortunately I only left with a head band and bronzer, but thats okay because it’s my new favourite brand and I WILL GET THAT JUMPER EVENTUALLY, it’s conveniently located at the top of Regent Street, I went to explore and window shop (thats not because they are too expensive but rather my student lifestyle, in fact its very reasonable) and left a dedicated fan, you suggest you go have a look! 

 & Other Stories is H&M’s newly launched love child, its caters to the hipper COS  lover and is pining after the Acne Obsessed crowd. It’s been branded by the media as a more luxurious and expensive H&M, but I went to have a look and the prices really aren’t that bad, here’s what I thought and bought!

They have a lot of offer in just one store: a full range of make-up, a pharmacy, a great nail varnish selection and so many accessories, it was a bit over whelming, I didn’t know where to look, and to make it worse there was a sale!  The favourite thing I saw was this green print jumper. I love the simplicity of the designs, and the daring colours, its really cool but not try hard. The designs are a mixture of simple cool cuts, futuristic graphics and classic aspects that make them timeless and wearable for the long haul. Check out there website and go visit! Its a really great experience and any fashionista will find something they love. Check out the BBB Tumblr for more pics and inspiration. 


Love these simple Graphic jumpers

Love these simple Graphic jumpers



all about being simple






Me trying on that jumper




This project definitely deserves some of your time, it’s less Boutique and more street, a project by Emily Webber. I like her, she clearly loves to shop, but it’s not Oxford Street she’s on, but instead turning our attention to the connivence stores and wonderful fonts, colours and names that litter the London landscape. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.59.38

This amazing project illustrates the unspoken hero’s of the London landscape and creates an background for the homesick Londoners and paints a picture of London life for non locals. The London Shop Fronts have been a labour of love by digital project manager Emily Webber from Hackney, for the past 5 years she’s been posting photos to her blog, and has created a wonderful archive of London’s most underrated and overlooked characteristic, the local shop. You can tell she’s a London native by the time and energy she’s spent showing her appreciation to the shops that line the streets. Check out her website and her Twitter.  

***Don’t forget to check out the BBB Tumblr.*** 

Ever since moving to London I’ve been fascinated by the sheer volume of connivence stores, and the names! Oh the names, the names!! I have a folder on my phone that’s just dedicated to great shop names, here are my few of my faves:

Elephant and Castle Meat and Meat. 







The Beyonce hairdressers.








The Slick Hairdressers. 









The Carpe Diem. 




My first post for BigBoutiqueBitches, or BBB for short, is about Lazy Oaf. Gemma Shiel we thank you and your mad and colourful mind, this is the women behind your new favourite label. Gemma (pictured below) started out making tee-shirts for friends and relatives for free, once realising that people would actually pay money for her designs, she got herself a stall at Spitalfields Market in East London selling her designs weekly and thus Lazy Oaf was born, I love it when a brand comes from humble backgrounds, and Lazy Oaf’s story is an inspiration to any young person with a talent. 


Gemma Sheil turned her passion into a cult graphic illustration label, called it Lazy Oaf, and opened her first shop in 2001. The label has steadily grown into a lifestyle brand, featuring t-shirts, dresses, hats and socks and home ware all with Lazy Oaf’s signature playful prints. The label has a strong loyal following and is attracting new Oafs everyday with the shop being in the heart of Carnbary street. They have just moved premises a stone throw away from Fourberts Place to 2 Ganton Street, I went to visit the new shop.


And it must have been fate because there was a SALEEEEEE! 


There is something a bit androgynous about Lazy Oaf’s men collection, it would be easy for boys and girls to wear it, or maybe I just like the brand too much, but I am defiantly envious of the boys section. I saw a boy yesterday wearing the plain black Oaf shirt (pictured below) and I just swooned, its the more wearable out of the bunch (depending on your day job) and looks so simple with just the buttons and OAF text giving it the labels stamp, perfect for the guy who doesn’t want stand out too much at work but loves Oaf so much that he cant just leave it for the weekend. 



It’s everyones favourite cartoon, Looney Tunes!!!!!!!

Gemma said in an interview to SBTv that her inspirations for the designs come from her childhood, things that dominated her youth. The 90’s vibe cartoon animated  Looney Tune range is so popular because it hints a nostalgic note with all of us. 



I feel like Miley Cyrus would love this shop, if you’ve been living under a rock this link will explain….

…this cartoon gimmicky playful style is very in vogue, although Lazy Oaf does not follow trends, they are in trend at the moment. 



They even have a burger bean bag….


Which obviously I had to pose on. 

To go get your own Lazy Oaf Burger Bean Bag or Looney Tunes shirts head to their flagship store: 2 Ganton Street, London, W1F 7QL. See map below….


Or visit  The Lazy Oaf website…..

And don’t forget to check out the BBB Tumblr Bitches xoxox